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International partnerships

Toulouse School of Architecture develops partnerships with many universities in Europe and around the world through exchanges in the field of teaching and research.
Toulouse School of Architecture implements an important international exchange policy and is committed to prioritising international openness.



Active collaborations with 51 institutions around the world !

Active collaborations with 51 institutions around the world promote dynamic exchanges that are anchored in a solid and diverse network.


The "international profile" is a guaranteed added value for any student aspiring to work in a global context; it is a guarantee of openness to the realities of the world, the ability to integrate into an intercultural environment, to acquire language skills and to make professional contacts in international networks.

The school remains open to the world, always ready to take up the international challenge!


The international dimension concerns the European area but also Latin America, Asia, the United States and Canada, and Africa.

These partnerships not only allow students to spend a semester or a year of their degree course abroad, they also allow the institution to welcome international exchange students each year.


For all the collaborations in progress with its European partners, Toulouse School of Architecture is heavily involved in the European programme Erasmus Plus (2014/2020).
Erasmus+ aims to improve skills and employability, and modernise the education, training and employment of young people. The programme offers more than 4 million Europeans the opportunity to study, train and gain work experience abroad.