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International policy

The knowledge and practice of architecture require multidisciplinary knowledge that can only be kept up-to-date through comparison and scientific cooperation beyond national boundaries. The perspective provided by exposure to other cultures explains the tradition of travel in architects' education.

    international dynamic

    In order to increase its influence, Toulouse School of Architecture arranges numerous activities through its international relations policy to develop and intensify its international cooperation. This international dynamic is strongly embedded in the institutional project through:

        • student and teacher mobility;
        • comparison of teaching methods and student work in the form of workshops;
        • scientific cooperation and organisation of postgraduate courses; in the context of research, the courses and scientific teams regularly contribute to international seminars and symposia.

    Key figures for 2022/23

        • 18% international students
        • 51 cooperation agreements with international universities in  25 countries
        • 44 nationalities represented at Toulouse School of Architecture
        • 1 international Architecture School-Specific Diploma (Vietnam)
        • 35 international students hosted on exchange programmes
        • 50 students in mobility abroad
        • 15 foreign teachers hosted
        • 5 international workshops
        • 15 study trips abroad