The library makes available a stock of more than 22,000 documents (books, novels, comics, DVDs, maps and plans) and 220 journal titles (including 60 current subscriptions), as well as online digital resources.
It specialises in architecture, urban planning, construction, landscape, art and design and humanities, and includes a material library.

Toulouse School of Architecture is the custodian of the professional library of Mr Georges CANDILIS, the architect of Le Mirail who also designed the school building.



Digital and image processing equipment is available to Toulouse School of Architecture students.
Toulouse School of Architecture is equipped with 80 high-performance workstations spread across 3 rooms. This equipment is freely accessible to students outside of classes.



The model workshop provides tools, materials and advice for working on constructions, models and projects.

It currently offers 3 workspaces in a 211m2 area:

- 1 workshop which offers small traditional machines such as a hot wire cutter or small sanding machine
 - 1 workshop equipped with two digital plotters and a milling machine,
 - 1 maintenance workshop dedicated to woodworking and model making.

It is open from 10 am to 6 pm every day of the week, and staffed by supervisors trained in operating the machines.



Open from 8 am to 6 pm, this service provides :

    • management and loans of learning equipment: laptops, projection devices (video projectors, etc.), cameras and digital DV cameras...
    • management of printing and the print server: this service, dedicated to students, is networked with the various computers in the computer rooms, a plan scanner for formats up to A0, 4 open-access digital copiers (payment by Izly card), and 2 large format plotters (A0) in black and white and colour.

All prices for equipment with access card readers are displayed in the computer rooms.

The school has printing facilities on its premises to meet students' needs:

• 4 A3 / A4 Acolour network copiers
• 2 colour plotters for all formats
• 1 A0 scanner

Printing costs are based on a specific tariff.