The Architectural Research Laboratory (LRA) is an essential component of Toulouse School of Architecture that has brought together all of the school's scientific activities since 2008. 
With some forty researchers, some thirty doctoral students, a management assistant and a computer engineer, the LRA invests in fields of study applied to architectural, urban and landscaping projects, particularly through cross-disciplinary approaches concerning sustainable development, the dynamic transformation processes of cities, landscapes and heritage, and the interplay of project actors.



The LRA is a clearly identifiable entity in the higher education and research communities as well as in the operational fields of architecture.

It has been awarded "Host Team" status for the 2016-2020 period by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research (EA no. 7413).

The LRA is a host laboratory for two doctoral schools of the Federal University of Toulouse. Depending on their choice and the nature of their work, doctoral students are enrolled:

    •  at the TESC (Times, Spaces, Societies, Cultures) doctoral school
    •  at the MEGeP (Mechanics, Energetics, Civil Engineering, Processes) doctoral school.

The LRA is committed to working on the question of clarifying the process of architectural, urban and landscape design projects, particularly with regard to the cognitive and methodological modalities of this process, where the focus is on using references, models, techniques and heuristic teachings.

Within Toulouse School of Architecture, the LRA is the place for building a world of shared knowledge where, in order to cooperate with each other, some researchers must become more accustomed to scientific procedures while others must go beyond their disciplinary approaches.

The Toulouse Architectural Research Laboratory brings together 2 support staff, some thirty researchers, teacher-researchers and tenured teachers from Toulouse School of Architecture, some thirty associate researchers and some forty doctoral students.