Toulouse School of Architecture has many very active associations. The school also positions itself as a strong city-wide and regional player in the spread of architectural culture by organising conferences and exhibitions that are open to all. Thus each year, about fifteen conferences are organised by the school with the participation of personalities from the world of architecture, landscaping and urban planning, helping to enrich the architectural culture of students and the general public. Several student associations are involved in promoting cultural life and arranging festivities, as well as organising art and sports activities



8 associations that enhance connectivity, support initiatives, initiate joint projects, participate in improving the conditions of study and enrichment of life extra- school by developing innovative digital tools and unifying.  The Student Office (BDE) provide the link and cohesion among all associations.


  • L'imprimerie provides a restaurant service for students and school staff, and manages the institution's cafeteria under a public service delegation arrangement.


  • Dédale puts on events related to architecture, town planning, visual arts, photography, cinema, design... The association organises trips, conferences, visits and exhibitions for all students at the school


  • Temps de Pause offers students: A Photo of the month competition, Photography lessons, Silver film developing, Photography Outings...


  • Rhizome (Junior Enterprise) : A RHIZOME is a plant whose roots develop from a network of nodes, but more importantly, it's also Toulouse School of Architecture's Junior Enterprise Incubator!


  • Act'EAT : the theatre workshop puts on several plays every year and participates in the life of the school.


  • Dynam'EAT : This association organises the main student festivals at the school.


  • The sports association enables all students at the school to access a wide range of sports all year round.


  • The Coop' : The Coop' at Toulouse School of Architecture is a 100% voluntary and student-run association that works day in, day out to offer students the most competitive prices possible