post-master's courses


The Architecture School-Specific Diploma is an Advanced Specialisation Diploma open to 
professionals and students in the 3rd cycle who are involved with urban issues.

It is designed to provide specialist training to urban planning and project management 
professionals, in a sustainable development context, through acquisition of skills concerning 
urban analysis and diagnosis, operation structuring, and project design and management.



It is the result of a partnership developed since 2003 between Hanoi Architectural University and Toulouse School of Architecture, the coordinating institution. This jointly approved diploma is recognised by the French Ministry of Culture and the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training.

This course is open to young graduates in architecture, civil engineering, infrastructure and urban management, or those with a master's degree in development or urban planning; and to candidates who need to deepen their knowledge of urban projects, heritage and sustainable development.

The main objective is to train urban planning professionals so they are capable of designing urban projects, conducting an analysis for diagnosis, structuring operations, and designing and conducting urban projects in the climate of rapid growth that prevails in Asian cities.

From project owner assistance to urban project management, the specialisation diploma allows students to approach all levels of the urban project and their connection to each other, with the architectural level remaining fundamental in the construction, transformation and evolution of cities.

Course length: 18 months