06 juin 2023
*Chandigarh & Le Corbusier* New Release, India
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Publication de l'ouvrage "Chandigarh and Le Corbusier, the Creation of a City in India 1950-65"New Release, India

This book is about the question of time in the urban project of Chandigarh.It takes stock of the  entire period of conception of the city from 1951to the death  of Pierre Jeanneret in 1965. While there have been manypublications on the city,  this one details the very conception of thecity, linking the  urbanism and the architecture to the archives of the Le Corbusier  Foundation.


Chandigarh and Le Corbusier, the Creation of a City in India 1950-65


*Rémi Papillault* is an architect from the Paris School of Architecture with specialization in heritage building. He has a PhD in urbanism from the Paris Institute of Urbanism, and a PhD in theories of town planning from EHESS, Paris. As a full professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure
d’Architecture of Toulouse, he teaches in the master's program and directs the Master Seminar “History and Theories of the Project.”

He has published many books like /Jaipur, a Planned City of Rajasthan/ (ALTRIM Publishers, Barcelona-Chandigarh), 2020.



"For a very long time, researchers have been studying the organisation of work in Le Corbusier's Paris atelier. This study makes it possible to follow the materiality of Chandigarh's making, step by step, with the gigantic enterprise on the one hand, and the artisanal means to conceive it on the other. Investigating the atelier practices and their evolution allows for an understanding of how the architect, often absent and travelling the world, managed to meet demands [of designing an entire city even when working] with a very small team. Suddenly, another dimension emerges beyond the  authoritarianism and arbitrariness of certain decisions, such as the abrupt side-lining of collaborators: that of collective design work, of its meaning and of its necessity."
*Dr. Yannis Tsiomis* was a professor at the School of Architecture Paris-La Villette (France)


"Professor Papillault's fantastic Chandigarh book - deeply mining Le Corbusier's previously unaccessed archives - turns received wisdom on its head. Must read!"
Dr. *Sanjeev Vidyarthi*, Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago (USA)


"What Chandigarh and Le Corbusier shows is that the making of Chandigarh was not just one haughty French-man’s ‘grand’ vision enforced on the hapless and gullible Indians, but a Sisyphean labor of love, beset with constant failure, mis-steps and revisions."
Dr. *Vikramāditya Prakāsh*, Professor, University of Washington, Seattle (USA)


Listen to Rémi Papillault discuss the book, and the subject of his ongoing interests: the development of Chandigarh and Le Corbusier’s hand in Vikram Prakash's podcast on Spotify titled '_ArchitectureTalks_',
episode No 117 titled _'Chandigarh: Possibility in Engaging the Unknown in the Incomplete'_ with Rémi Papillault.

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