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Practical information

The school is open from 8 am to 8 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Located a stone's throw from Jean-Jaurès University (formerly Le Mirail University), the school building is part of the Le Mirail district. Designed in the early 1970s by architect Georges Candilis' team, this building is a synthesis of their architectural thinking: proliferating grid structure, inner street, concrete column-and-beam system, north-facing saw-tooth roofs...
Since its creation, the building has had to be extended several times to accommodate a growing student population, including an extension designed by the architect Joseph Almudever to house teaching rooms.

SIMPPS (Inter-university Service for Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion)

An agreement between Toulouse School of Architecture and the University allows students to access the SIMPPS (Inter-university Service for Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion).

The SIMPPS is a medical and social service exclusively for students. The SIMPPS also has a health promotion role and throughout the academic year it organises activities relating to sexual health, mental health, addictions, vaccination and nutrition.
Nurse services and medical consultations are provided by invitation or appointment.
For all medical emergencies/appointments with doctors and specialists: 05 61 50 38 61

More practical information

The school offers the benefit of a secure car park. Students also have access to an open workshop, association premises and a cafeteria.


University restaurants run by the CROUS

Toulouse School of Architecture students have access to the university restaurants run by the CROUS. The closest University Restaurant is located at Jean Jaurès University.
The school also has a cafeteria on the premises, open from 8 am to 8 pm and serving cooked meals as well as sandwiches.


Multi-service card (MUT)

Upon enrolling, all students on the Toulouse campus are given a multi-service card (MUT) with new services and the CROUS' new payment method: IZLI
IZLI is a new payment method integrated into your multi-service card that you can use to pay for many services in the CROUS network and at higher education institutions.

How to get to the school?

It is accessible via the Tisséo urban transport network :

metro line A - stop : Les Arènes or Université du Mirail
bus: line 14 - "Ecole d'architecture" stop

To go further

    Download the Student Guide (PDF, EN)
    Visit Campus France (Website, EN)


Toul’Box of the Federal University of Toulouse

The services offered by the Toul’Box and its team will help you to prepare your stay from your home until you have settled in.

Upon your arrival imagine that everything is ready: accommodation booking, pick up at the airport or train station, bank account opening, personal transport card…

Consult the different packs and choose the most appropriated for you.