erasmus in 2022
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Exchange programmes (Incoming students Erasmus)

The conditions for an international exchange student to come and study here are :

- their home university must have signed a bilateral student exchange agreement with Toulouse School of Architecture

- their home university must send an official email nomination to Sophie Vialle


students were welcomed this year by the Bachelor’s and Master’s Schools from the following 10 countries: Morocco, Italy, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria , Brazil, India, Belgium, Vietnam, Mexico as part of exchange programs (Erasmus Plus and bilateral conventions).

Applying outside of an exchange programme
Application for international exchange students

Deadline for nomination by the Home  university : 31 May 2023

Deadline for sending applications: 10 June 2023 (semester 1 mobility from September to January 2024) and 20 October 2023 (semester 2 mobility from February to June 2024).

The application will be registered as soon as the official nomination e-mail from the home university is received. This e-mail must state that the student has been selected for an exchange programme, specifying their surname, first name and e-mail address. When this nomination is received, the student will be given the login details to enrol online. The enrolment form must be accompanied by the documents below:
    • a photocopy of their identity card or passport, a covering letter in French
    • photocopies of academic transcripts from the home university since the beginning of the Architecture course
    • official document from the home university confirming the student's level of French (level B1 required)