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Disseminate Architectural Culture

An active role in the dissemination of architectural culture

As part of its mission of architectural dissemination, Toulouse school of Architecture organizes or takes part in exhibitions, conferences and colloquia, in close collaboration with many actors in architecture, town planning and the world of culture.These  different events  are not only organized in the School but also outside with the collaboration of our partnerships.

The school has a Culture and Library Board which organizes events to promote not only the history of architecture and urbanism but also present contemporary projects.

Toulouse school of Architecture is willing to spreads architectural culture  to all  kind of audiences, and more particularly through events and actions  in Primary schools located in the neighborhood. Students also  present the results of their pedagogical works to different  audiences (inhabitants, locally elected...), contributing to this  architectural dissemination (publications, exhibitions, etc.).


Pedagogical partnerships for the training of architects
Numerous pedagogical partnerships are developed with different  actors to give future architects a training very close to the field.
- Local authorities
- Social action
- Innovation and scientific culture
- Art and culture
- Education and training
- Architecture
- Firms

 Toulouse participates fully in the dissemination and promotion of architectural culture by organizing exhibitions, conferences and conferences in various locations, either on its own behalf or in partnership with other local actors.
a few examples

- ARCHITECTS ARE REINVENTING LIVING-TOGETHER: for the past seven years, the students of the Toulouse School of Architecture have been successfully inventing the city of tomorrow by studying the municipalities in demographic and economic depression of the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park. Workshops, proposals… This year, all their attention has focused on Saint-Pons-de-thomières (Hérault)

- participation in Toulouse 2030 in 2018: presentation of the work done during a workshop organised within the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Toulouse. The students of Toulouse worked around 4 great names in contemporary architecture – Xaveer de Geyter, Jean-Marc Ibos, Djamel Klouche and Freek Persyn – to work together to develop the urban and architectural expressions of the metropolis.

- contribution to the exhibition "invent the city whose heroes you are" at the Quai des Savoirs in Toulouse in 2017,

and many more...